20 Million Trees
surviving with mature height > 2 metres
28,551Km of fencing
to reduce erosion of waterways
All programmes
Treated for felis catus
National Landcare Programme
Targeted for pest animal control
National Landcare Programme
Using Indigenous ecological knowledge
high-value reef treated for Crown of Thorns Starfish

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Female Glossy Black-Cockatoo. M.Barth, DEWNR

Restoring Glossy Black-Cockatoo habitat on Kangaroo Island and the southern F...

Photo by: Mike Barth, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources SA

Stage 3 - Community engagement and Partici...

Protection and Restoration of Ecosystem Function and MNES

Feral Cat Monitoring, Slade Point, Mackay

Improving urban water quality and native habitat in the Mackay Whitsunday region

Photo by: Caught on camera, a semi feral cat.

Putting mesquite on the map

The Bio-Diverse and Resilient Landscapes and Aquatic Systems

Photo by: Drone being launched for survey