The MERIT User Guides are divided into various parts. These include:

Part A-C: Generic User Guide (RLP)

  • MERIT User Guide – June 2020 covers generic features of MERIT that are applicable across all programs. This includes:
  • opening MERIT,
  • finding a project,
  • registering or signing in,
  • overview tab,
  • editing blogs,
  • uploading a document,
  • creating and editing sites.
    See program specific guides for information on MERI Plans and reports.

Part D: Regional Land Partnerships (RLP)

The following resources are available to assist in developing MERI Plans and submitting project reports under the Regional Land Partnerships program:

Part D: Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)

The following resources are available to assist projects reporting under the Environmental Stewardship Program:

Helpful Resources

  • The MERIT Media Guide provides details on how to capture your media and promotional opportunities in MERIT.
  • The Quick Reference Guide provides brief instructions on how to complete basic functions in MERIT. This guide is for those users with Grant Manager, Administrator or Editor permissions in MERIT. For more detailed guidance, refer to the MERIT User Guide.

These resources can help with choosing the right activities for your project plan:
- The Activity Family Tree is a one-page table demonstrating the temporal relationship between activities. Commence reading the table from the centre ‘Primary Activity’ column. Activities to the left are those you may choose in preparation for the primary activity, including baseline data collection. Activities to the right are those you may choose for monitoring/maintenance of the activity, including comparison to baseline data.
- The MERIT Schema is a user-friendly document that contains every field description, data use and type for each activity form. It also lists the outputs that are currently used for reporting.


The MERIT User Guides are divided into various parts. This site includes older guides:
- MERIT Guide (2016)
- Completing a project MERI Plan
- Frequently Asked Questions