Green Army
Volume of debris removed by Green Army teams
28,500Km of fencing
to reduce erosion of waterways
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Treated for felis catus
National Landcare Programme
Targeted for pest animal control
National Landcare Programme
Using Indigenous ecological knowledge
high-value reef treated for Crown of Thorns Starfish

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Olearia pannosa, SYP (EPBC Vulnerable)

Southern Yorke Peninsula - Reinstating Critical Woodland Bird Habitat

Photo by: Mick Durant

Endangered Giant barred frog, community Fr...

Restoring riparian resilience - Implementing the Mary River Threatened Aquatic S

Photo by: Stage 6, Activity 4

Lake Hawdon South Weir with fish passageway

On the brink: Recovery of threatened habitats and species in the SE NRM Region.

Photo by: DEWNR

Cover Image - Reedy Lagoon

Gunbower Forest Key Asset Protection Project

Photo by: Adrian Martins

Stage 2 - Fentons Creek covenant - vegetat...

Kooyoora Connections

Photo by: TfN, Kirsten Hutchison